Setting up Zaxaa Member is easy. You just need to make sure that some important configurations are correct.

1. Setting up the API signature of your Zaxaa Member.

You need to setup an API signature on your Zaxaa Member to connect Zaxaa Member with Zaxaa itself. You can find your API signature through "Settings > Account Settings".

Note: Please make sure that you are on Advanced View Mode to see this "Show API Signature" button.

2. Setting up the product SKU and product price number.

While creating the membership level, please make sure that you put the correct product SKU and product price that represent your product settings.

For the price number, you need to fill it with which price this product/membership level corresponds to. E.g if you have a product that uses multiple pricing feature and has 2 pricing option. Then for the first pricing option, you need to put the price number value as "1" and for the second pricing option, you need to put the price number value as "2".

3. Setting up the ZPN and Payment Data Transfer

For each membership level that you create, you will have a ZPN that used to integrate with your product on Zaxaa. You just need to put it on your Zaxaa product settings.

Note: every single character the ZPN URL must be the same.

After you put the ZPN URL on your product settings, please make sure to enable the Payment Data Transfer option.

You can see the full step to setup a membership level on this tutorial video: 

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