A Funnel is a set of products you offer to your visitor.

There are 3 types of product you can offer in Zaxaa, a Free product, a Front-End (FE) product, and a One Time Offer (OTO).

Free product is simply a free offer of your product before your customer purchase or subscribe to your main offer. To learn more about free product you can visit this link

Front End product is simply your main offer.

OTO stand for One Time Offer is simply your next offer after your main offer (Front End). In Zaxaa we have 2 different type of OTO, Evergreen OTO and Real OTO.

Real OTO means people can ONLY purchase this OTO if they're inside funnel (i.e. RIGHT AFTER they've purchased your front end product). If they declined your OTO and completed your sales funnel, and then they come back later to the same offer (because they have bookmarked the URL) and click the order button, it will NOT work.

Evergreen OTO means people can purchase ANYTIME they wish, you can immediately offer this OTO to everyone and everyone can purchase this type of OTO outside funnel (stand-alone product) without needed to visit the previous offer.


There is also a Pre-Sale bump product, right BEFORE people purchase your product, you have the opportunity to offer them your other products (it can be a Front-End or an OTO product) on the Checkout page. This will boost your income – even before they get to your OTOs (one-time-offers). Use this together with OTOs and... BOOM! You'll multiply your income!
Pre-Sale Bump Example:

If you offer a Front-End product and an OTO, it is called a Funnel.

If you offer a Free Product, a Front-End product and 1 OTO or more, it is called a Funnel too.

Basically a Funnel is a set of your offers with more than 1 product.


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