First, you can simply create a recurring payment plan by choosing the payment type on your product settings.

You can choose which subscription period that you need for your plan. We have the subscription period options start from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly (every 3 months), semi-yearly (every 6 months), and yearly.

Note: If you wish to use the quarterly or semi-yearly period then you need to use other payment processors than PayPal Standard. Because PayPal Standard can't process that kind of subscription period.

You can also give your customers a trial period before they subscribe to your product. You just need to set up how much the trial price and how long the trial duration will be.

Note: You can give your customer a free trial by setting the trial price into null/zero.

And last, you just need to set up how long your subscription will be by setting the recurring times.

Note: Leaving the recurring times empty will automatically set them to unlimited time span. But for PayPal Adaptive, the maximum time span is 10 years. And if you use a trial period, then 'Recurring Times' is EXCLUDING the trial.

If there is any failed recurring payment that happens to your customer. Zaxaa will handle them differently based on what kind of payment processor that you used. You can read the details here Failed Recurring Payments.

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