For all transactions that you made in Zaxaa... if you want to refund them, you must do so from your Zaxaa dashboard, except for PayPal Standard

For transactions that were processed by using PayPal Standard, you need to refund them directly from your PayPal account. You will see this note on your Zaxaa dashboard:

So let's get started on how to refund transactions (NON PayPal Standard) from your Zaxaa dashboard:

  1. Go to "Reports > My Sales Report". Choose a transaction that you want to refund and you just need to click the refund button:

2. Read and confirm the refund terms:

Please take a note that if you need to take back commissions that were given to your affiliate/partner then you must take it back from them manually. Except for PayPal Adaptive


For affiliate/partner commissions that have already been paid out (if any), you'll need to retrieve them back manually, except for PayPal Adaptive.

For transactions that were done via PayPal Adaptive, all affiliate/partner commissions that have already been paid out will automatically be retrieved back to your PayPal account, without you having to do anything. To refund PayPal Adaptive transactions, see here.


We also have a tutorial video that you can take a look about refund process: How to CORRECTLY refund transactions

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