Go to the Manage My Teams page (Settings >> Teams) and then click "Access As Team Member" button:

There are some roles that you need to know first: 

  1. Accountant - Can ONLY access Reports and Stats.
  2. Customer Service - Can access Reports and Stats, plus Issue Refunds and Cancel Subscription.
  3. Outsourcer - Can't access My Purchases,  can't switch account Plan, can access everything else.
  4. Virtual Assistant - Can access everything.

On the "As Team Member" page, you will find what role the team owner gives to you. To get started helping the team owner, you can simply click "Assume" icon to go to access the team owner account:

Once you clicked assume, you will be directed to the team owner account and you can start to help them based on your role. Like seeing reports, stats, etc. You can then revert back to your account by clicking "Revert to your account" button on the very top of the page.

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