Do you have multiple pricing plans that you want to create?


Your product has monthly and yearly plans — you’d create 2 Front-End products.

Your software has single-site, multi-site, and developers license — you’d create 3 Front-End products.

Your product has silver, gold, and platinum options — you’d create 3 Front-End products.

You don't need to create multiple Front-End products for this kind of scenarios. You just need to enable our multiple pricing feature. Go into your product settings >> general settings >> pricing

Once you have enabled that feature, you can set up the pricing scenarios. For example:

And you can create other different multiple plans with this feature to fulfill your needs. You can see more explanation about this feature in this tutorial video: 

How to create a Front-End product (at [2:35])

Notes: You need to be on Advanced View Mode to use this feature. Here's how to switch your view in Zaxaa: How do I switch view in Zaxaa?

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