Inside your Zaxaa account, make sure you're in Advanced View (the floating right sidebar).

Go to the coupons page (products >> coupons):

Please read carefully about these important notes:

  1. Please read the important notes that we provide, before you create a coupon. That the product price AFTER the coupon discount must be least $1. If you create a coupon and the product price AFTER the coupon discount is less than $1, then your product will be priced as $0.

2. By default, our coupon will affect the first payment/trial price of your product. If you wish to apply the discounted price in your recurring payment, you can just simply enable the "Apply to recurring" feature.

3. You can also choose to tag specific affiliate or block your affiliates with this coupon feature. If you choose to tag your affiliate, you can't block your affiliate and vice versa.

When you tag affiliate on a coupon, the affiliate will get credited every time the coupon is used by your customers.

You can find the details How to create a coupon so that you can grant discount to your customers through this tutorial video.

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