Before we jump on how to pay affiliate commissions, there is something that should be noted.

There are two methods on how to pay affiliate commissions, those methods are INSTANT commission and DELAYED commission. INSTANT commission means affiliate commissions will be paid automatically and it can only be done by using PayPal Adaptive payment processor while the DELAYED commission means we need to pay affiliate commission manually and it can be done by using Non-PayPal Adaptive payment processors.

So let's get started on how to pay affiliate with INSTANT commissions.

In this case, you can just simply approve the INSTANT commission request that is sent by an affiliate. You can follow these steps to approve this kind of request:

1. Go to "Reports > Affiliate Requests"

You will find this kind of request on this page.

2. Click "Approve" and you are done.
Note: Please read our notification on that page. You need to review carefully before approve/reject an INSTANT commissions request.

3. Otherwise, you can change affiliate commission type by going to "Reports > Affiliate/Partner > My Affiliate"

There you can select which affiliate that you want to set to INSTANT commissions.

Now, let's jump on how to pay affiliate with DELAYED commissions.

1. Go to "Settings > Affiliate > Pay Affiliates/Partners (NON-PayPal Adaptive)"

There you can choose which affiliates that you want to pay the commissions and generate the Masspay file. After the Masspay file is generated, you can upload this file into your PayPal account and pay the commissions.

Once you have paid them, you can select again the already paid commissions then apply action "Mark as Paid" to update the commissions status as paid. So the affiliates are informed that their particular commissions have been already paid.

Note: You can also bump commissions for a specific affiliate. How do I bump commissions for a specific affiliate only?

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