Zaxaa Payment Notification or ZPN is a notification system that sends payment details and customer's information to your server. You can use the given information for any post-payment operations, such as:

  • Trigger order fulfillment or enable media downloads when a payment is made or a check clears
  • Database update (e.g. list of customers, accounting records, inventory, etc)
  • Any specialized “action” based on the kind of transaction
  • Integrate Zaxaa with external scripts

When you turn on the ZPN feature, Zaxaa notifies you as soon as a transaction has been made successfully and posts all the payment details to a URL specifies by you (ZPN Listener).

ZPN Listener is the script that you host on your own server that will process and handle the payment notification message sent by Zaxaa. You (or your programmer) can write the script using web programming language(s) or your choice.

Zaxaa can send notifications for these type of transactions:

  • One-time payments
  • Recurring payments and subscriptions
  • Dispute, chargebacks, and refunds

Here's the full documentation:

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