We are glad to announce that Zaxaa can now work with Zapier.

With Zapier you can automate tasks with any app you want like Gmail, MailChimp, Slack, GetResponse, etc.

For example, if you have a new sale on Zaxaa and you want to send an email to your partner or accountant, you can create a Zap (Zapier app) between Zaxaa as the Trigger and GMAIL as the Action. Or if you want to send a direct Slack message to your teammate when a refund occurs, you can create a Zap between Zaxaa as the Trigger and Slack as the Action. With this integration you can automate any repetitive tasks or even advanced tasks between Zaxaa and any other apps inside Zapier.

For a full list of apps that Zapier integrates with, you can see here.

We currently have 3 Triggers that you can use inside Zapier. You can follow this tutorial to start using it.

(1) As with the case with new apps released inside Zapier, our Zaxaa app inside Zapier is currently in beta status. Please click here for the invitation link.

(2) Once you login or signup and accept invitation, you can immediately build your first Zap. 

(3) We have 3 Triggers you can use: "New Sale", "New Refund" and "New Cancellation". You can select one of the available triggers e.g. "New Sale" and then click "Save + Continue" button at the bottom. 

(4) Now you have to connect your Zaxaa Account using your Email Address and API Signature.

(5) You can get your API Signature from Zaxaa website by going to menu Settings >> Account Settings, click "Account Settings" tab and click "Show API Signature" button.

(6) Once you've connected your Zaxaa account successfully, click "Save + Continue" button.

(7) Then you can test the Trigger by clicking "Fetch & Continue" button. 

(8) Zaxaa app will fetch any new sale data in the last 20 minutes. If you have sale in the last 20 minutes, you can immediately preview your data in step 7. Otherwise you can just click "Skip Test & Continue".

(9) You can preview your new sale data by clicking "preview the sample". If you don't have any new sale in the last 20 minutes, we already provide you with dummy data that you can preview and use it with any app inside Zapier. Once you've previewed the sample data, you can click "Continue" button.

(10) Now this is the cool part, you can now add an Action based on the Trigger you have set. For example New Sale trigger means that if there is a new sale and you want to send an email to your partner, you can add Gmail app as an Action. Or if you want to add customer to your autoresponder, you can add MailChimp or any other app as an Action. 

(11) Once you've created an Action, you can turn on your Zap. Zapier will check your new sale every 15 minutes if you are on their Free & Basic Plan, and every 5 minutes on any other Plan.


Just in case you want to view this article again, from Zaxaa dashboard menu you can go to "Settings >> External App Integration"  and click Zapier tab.

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