For Sellers:

By linking your PayPal account with Zaxaa, you can simply click a refund button within your Zaxaa account and all related payments (affiliate commissions and fees) that you have paid out will be returned to you, and the total money will be returned to your customer. This ensures that you don't lose any money when refunding a transaction.

In addition, by linking you can also pay out affiliate commissions (if any) instantly and automatically to your affiliates (if they're approved by you for instant commissions). This means less work and more time saved for you that you would otherwise have to manually calculate and pay out these commissions.

For Affiliates:

By linking your PayPal account with Zaxaa, we can send your commissions instantly and automatically (if the seller whose product you're promoting has approved you to receive instant commissions) into your PayPal account.

In addition, by doing so you also let Zaxaa retrieve affiliate commissions (on behalf of Zaxaa Sellers) for those transactions that are refunded to the customer.

We can ONLY retrieve affiliate commissions that we put into your PayPal account. We can't see or retrieve anything else that is not put into your PayPal account through our system.

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