If you get that error message while you want to buy the seller product. This means that you were blacklisted by the seller to buy that product.

There are two conditions that might be possible:

  1. The first one is you are indeed directly blacklisted by the seller.
  2. The second one is the seller enables the Zaxaa blacklist platform. The Zaxaa blacklist platform means that the seller does not directly blacklist you but you are blacklisted because there are other sellers that blacklist you on our platform. Please take a note that this doesn't mean you are also blacklisted on our platform. You are only blacklisted by sellers who enable Zaxaa blacklist platform. Each seller has their own strictness. Some ban people if 1 other seller ban the person or some ban people if 2 other sellers bans the person, etc.

To resolve this issue, you need to contact the seller directly to ask whether they can remove you from their list of blacklisted customers. You can contact them through their support addresses that are shown on the top right of their checkout page.

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