If you pay the subscription using:


You need to login to your PayPal account and then make sure that either you have sufficient funds or valid funding source (e.g. credit card).

Credit Card

You need to update your card info from your Zaxaa dashboard by going to "My Purchases" page (https://www.zaxaa.com/purchases) > find the "VISA" icon to update the card (click here for details).

If you don't know your Zaxaa account login info, you can click forgot password here. Then please insert email you used to subscribe so we can send you instruction to reset your password.


You need to update your billing info here: https://www.2checkout.com/va/sales/customer/change_billing_method.

Once you've updated your info, we'll retry your recurring billing payment. The subscription will be auto canceled if we are unable to get the payment. So please make sure you update it as soon as possible.

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